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Salman Abdullah Bin Saedan Real Estate Group is keen on achieving sustainable principles in its projects.

Our Vision

To become a true support of the real estate sector in achieving quality of life for our clients

Salman Bin Saedan

Real Estate Regulatory will contribute to the strengthening of the second largest local economy in Saudi Arabia, and it will achieve the objectives of Vision 2030.

Our Message

We work to find and adopt advanced real estate ideas and products that keep pace with the aspirations of customers and allies to achieve the optimum return by focusing on a structure that always works on innovation and continuous development.

Our Goal

Implementing projects and coordinating their resources to achieve the goal with the lowest cost, highest quality and most appropriate time to maintain customer satisfaction.

The stages of company development


Developing the Saudi Ministry of Housing facilitator Program


Bin Saedan revolutionizes Saudi real estate auctions with Saidania


SABS receives the International Real Estate Award


Launching of the first Saudi joint real estate fund


Establishing SABS


Establishing Aqary company to market real estate



companies that have been established


urban development projects


the number of real estate funds with a total value of 1.7 billion riyal


The number of developed areas with a total area of 100,000,000 square meters

The most prominent meetings of the group chairman

برنامج ناجحون | القطاع العقاري

المطور العقاري السعودي سلمان بن سعيدان: مجال التطوير العقاري يخلق فرص عمل للشباب

بن سعيدان:إعفاء الأراضي من الضريبة المضافة كونها مجانية

حديث أ. سلمان ابن سعيدان الرئيس التنفيذي لمجموعة سلمان ابن سعيدان على قناة العربية

برنامج بوضوح - السوق العقاري الفرص والتحديات

الاستثمار العقاري الآمن

سلمان بن سعيدان: رسوم الأراضي بالسعودية تهدف لتوفير المساكن

يوروموني السعودية لقاء خاص مع رئيس مجموعة سلمان بن سعيدان العقارية

لقاء الشيخ سلمان بن سعيدان

international property AWARDS - bin saedan.VOB

مؤتمر يورو موني الرياض 2012 - سلمان بن سعيدان

مقابلة سلمان بن سعيدان في برنامج الرئيس

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